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Xiamen: Rubbish burns generate electricity ignition will come true before the en
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The city environmental sanitation of the hole after be located in Xiamen handles a works integratedly, before the end of the year hopeful implementation life rubbish burns generate electricity ignition whole is debugged, the city life rubbish that lets poll ache at the appointed time will make the raw material that generate electricity. The rubbish processing of Xiamen city also will realize qualitative leap, from fill onefoldly bury processing, change to resource, decrease quantify and harmless change processing stride. This is a reporter from Xiamen municipal park department understands yesterday.

According to introducing, city environmental sanitation handles a works integratedly is municipal government uses Swiss government to mix loan, introduce Switzerland advanced rubbish burns technology and crucial equipment, undertake city life rubbish burns the environmental protection project that generate electricity. Entire plant installs two rubbish incinerator, day handles rubbish 400 tons, year processing rubbish gross can amount to 130 thousand tons. Set the generation set of a 6000 kilowatt, day electricenergy production makes an appointment with 144 thousand degrees, deduct report of this factory for private use, day can amount to 98 thousand degrees to power supply of Xiamen electrified wire netting, year power supply 32.81 million degrees (by the design year run computation 8000 hours) . The flue gas that this project rubbish burns discharges a standard more stricter than groovy power plant, after rubbish course burns, turn hurtless into waste residue, reduced the rubbish harm to the environment greatly, managing land natural resources.

Xiamen city environmental sanitation handles the staff member introduction of the factory integratedly, at present rubbish burns generate electricity the project is undertaking branch debug, predict the last ten-day of a month can begin drying-out and pickling in November, make equipment suits stage by stage, can undertake rubbish ignites whole is debugged before the end of the year, debug time to be two half moon about.

As we have learned, at present leap of treating capacity of Xiamen city rubbish, the life rubbish that regards Xiamen city as only is harmless transform processing base -- Dong Fu rubbish is filled bury a storage capacity to will reach saturation. The construction strength that increased rubbish to handle installation for this Xiamen city. Handle a works integratedly besides the environmental sanitation of the hole after be located in, be located in circle in the air the handling center of litter of solid of the eastpart part that installs Bai Yunfei also is in tight construction. The handling center always uses the land 207.07 hectare, always invest 1.325 billion yuan, it is a collect processing of life rubbish classification, ferment make fat, sanitation fill bury, second birth is used and burn generate electricity the environmental sanitation industry that is an organic whole garden area.

Future, comprehensive processing system will form the rubbish of Xiamen city inside the island hind hole, circle in the air install Bai Yunfei, Hai Cangdong inspire confidence in sb 3 large base.
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