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Shanxi: Special type industry will be classificationed to classify management he
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The Shanxi complete province that held a few days ago discloses on conference of job of public security management, henceforth, hock, open lock, useless old metal to buy wait for special type industry to classification implementation classified management, public security condition is poor caution be hanginged out his shingle.

Henceforth, to coming China organization of government of the blame outside the condition, domestic folk organization, burgeoning organism, rent, hock, lock, wash bath, Internet bar, useless old metal to buy, motor vehicle is torn open solution, secondhand the mobile phone trades and the burgeoning industry such as private investigation orgnaization, complex place, public security branch evaluates the public security state that makes industry, room the standard, classify management according to evaluating prolific travel to classification. To the trade with public security poor condition and place, relevant section will give hang out one's shingle caution, the key that serves as management adopts concentration punish, combination executes the law wait for measure, deadline changes face.

Origin: ? of litter Wang Piao