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Suzhou will invest rubbish of the 82 million hutch that build eat to handle a wo
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The reporter is in science and technology to develop division know from Suzhou city environmental sanitation, suzhou city is clean useless vegetable oil reclaims limited company will invest 82 million yuan, build a day to handle 400 tons eat hutch rubbish to handle a works, such not only can the source that behead breaks rubbish hog food cycle, the eat hutch rubbish that also can make urban hotel restaurant arises everyday is accomplished truly become useless to be treasure, pollute no longer environment and damage a citizen healthy.

According to statistic, suzhou urban district has the meal company such as guesthouse, restaurant and unit dining room many 10000, the eat hutch rubbish that arises everyday has 400 tons about, among them about 280 tons eat hutch rubbish flows to individual hoggery, cause rubbish pig phenomenon to often return, what make a person anxious more is, these rubbish day produce useless grease to make an appointment with 40 tons, these useless grease whereaboutldirection are in unidentified condition all the time. For this, suzhou municipal government undertook with Tsinghua university collaboration a few days ago " development of technology of general character of progress of economy of Suzhou city loop and applied research " , its subproject " resource of processing of damp and hot of eat hutch rubbish is changed " by Suzhou city oil of clean useless vegetable reclaims limited company is in charge of carrying out, this company plans to invest 82 million yuan of cent period to be in 7 child hill rubbish is filled bury an around construction rubbish of an eat hutch handles a works, among them first phase invests 60 million yuan, rubbish of hutch of day processing eat is controlled 100 tons; The 2nd period invest 22 million yuan, day handles eat hutch rubbish to make an appointment with 300 tons. As we have learned, first phase project will be in construction begins construction at the beginning of this year December, strive next year second half of the year builds go into operation, after put into production, eat hutch rubbish is planted through high temperature disinfection and bacterium after fermenting, can by effectively translate into product and the sources of energy. Among them, rubbish of solid eat hutch will become " feed albumen pink " sell feed plant, the oily meeting in rubbish of liquid eat hutch becomes " biology derv " , the water in the liquid (also call billabong fluid) can turn into production of farm of organic fat supply does not have produce of social effects of pollution, there still is one part gas finally (firedamp) can use generate electricity supply this factory for private use, investment cost predicts to be in put into production can call in after 8 years; 2 period the project will cast postpartum reentry to be built all right in first phase building.

The ground is new round " major of sanitation of Suzhou city environment plans (came 2006 2020) " , suzhou urban district will build when 2011 everyday can " eat off " 250 tons eat hutch rubbish handles a works, and according to Suzhou city oil of clean useless vegetable reclaims the program of limited company, hopeful of this one target comes true ahead of schedule now.
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