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Garden of Yang Zijiang metallurgical industry begins the energy-saving work that
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Regard the whole nation as first circular economy the garden of metallurgical industry of international of Jiangsu Yang Zijiang of pilot garden area, since this year guide an enterprise actively to begin the energy-saving work that decrease a platoon, obtain better result.

According to " circular economy builds a program " and " steely industry develops policy " , the enterprise inside division of demand of garden of Yang Zijiang metallurgical industry is firm establish case " resource -- product -- renewable resources " circular economy concept, the new-style industrialized way that takes scientific progress, energy-saving development, loop development adamantinely. Encourage an enterprise to increase capital investment at the same time, carry out in the round energy-saving the ability that reduces a platoon revises a project. Among them, river mouth of Home Zhang harbor stainless steel limited company always throws 500 million yuan, carried out water natural resources to use new technology circularly, current, integrated utilization rate achieved the water natural resources of this company 97% .

As we have learned, next, garden of Yang Zijiang metallurgical industry still will continue to be developed energetically and use section water technology, perfect all of industrial circulation water system, ensure implementation industrial waste water " negative discharge " .

Origin: Home Zhang harbor broadcasting station