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Dimensions of trend of " of Benxi " tattered king is changed year reclaim about
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The reporter learned on November 22, benxi city is rectified through beginning a trade, the significant step such as normative industry government, make this city renewable resources reclaims the system is on industrialization, dimensions to change course stage by stage. Arrive at present, this city already had of all kinds useless old goods and materials to reclaim enterprise 330, useless metal trades the market 1, whole town renewable resources reclaims gross 500 thousand tons, year reclaim total value makes an appointment with 500 million yuan, than going up year of the corresponding period raise 70 % . Current, a renewable resources that spreads all over freely of whole town network reclaims the system is initial already form.

Reclaim for punish the site does not have order state, bureau of Benxi town business is organized grand far group holds water grand Yuan Lutian makes finite liability company, whole town reject of going from place to place is bought " guerrilla " conformity rises, to whole town renewable resources reclaims the industry undertook unity grooming from personnel of course of study, execute the mount guard that hold card. This bureau is at present right from course of study Training Within Industry amounts to 2100 more than person-time. In the meantime, successive to whole town two years renewable resources reclaims the industry began special repair work, close with public security, industrial and commercial scrolls pasted on either side of the door forming a couplet waiting for a ministry execute the law, make renewable resources reclaims site by arrive without foreword standard, reclaim team by arrive dispersedly unified, resource reclaims rate by past inadequacy 60 % raise 68 % .

Origin: Shenyang daily