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China already made useless old nonferrous metal country of the biggest entrance
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Show according to newest statistic, this year first half of the year, our country imports waste material of useless old nonferrous metal in all 3.618 million tons (objective measures) , with photograph of the corresponding period compared growth 2006 6.7% . Import the waste material that contain aluminium among them 995 thousand tons, the flotsam that contain copper two million five hundred and ninety-seven thousand three hundred tons, the flotsam that contain zinc twenty-five thousand nine hundred tons. With score of photograph of the corresponding period did not grow 29.3% 2006, 18.5% , decrease 34.7% . Since 2005, entrance of useless old nonferrous metal measures China to occupy the 1/3 left and right sides that world trade measures about, make useless old nonferrous metal big country of the first entrance and distribution centre.

2006, total output of nonferrous metal of Chinese second birth amounts to 4.53 million tons, grow 21% than 2005. Among them second birth copper 1.68 million tons, secondary aluminium 2.35 million tons, second birth lead 390 thousand tons, second birth zinc 110 thousand tons, with compared 2005, grow 18% respectively, 21% , 39% with 29% .

According to Chinese customs data, china imported objective of nonferrous metal flotsam to measure 6.78 million tons in all 2006, grow 3.1% than 2005. Contain cupreous waste material among them 4.94 million tons, the flotsam that contain aluminium 1.77 million tons, the flotsam that contain zinc 70 thousand tons, with photograph score did not grow 2.5% 2005, 5.3% , - 5.3% . Chinese country recovered 2006 metal of useless miscellaneous copper measures 680 thousand tons, useless miscellaneous aluminous metal measures 930 thousand tons, useless lead metal measures 390 thousand tons.

The rapid development of industry of metal of Chinese second birth, make China becomes each country to abandon the central issue that orgnaization of manufacturer of old metal supplier, equipment, finance and technical research organization pay close attention to. Chinese economy grows in high speed, need more raw material to satisfy the need that economy grows, and Chinese client's enough capital actual strength, more make metallic flotsam commerce fervent with each passing day.

"At present the rapid development of Chinese market demand caused global price wave motion, in metallic waste market it is to let the price go up considerably more raise. The promotion of the price and fluctuate considerably, increased a risk, go up in cupreous market especially, also affect at the same time market of other metal industry. But this does not hamper the commerce of we and Chinese client cooperates, I am confident to Chinese market prospect. " Jimmy Beck of controller of company of Belgian Partners Metal expresses hopefully.