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Oil of rubbish of kitchen of the Changchun dweller that start reclaims activity
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The rubbish of " dweller kitchen that You Jilin saves real estate department of the Women's Federation of bureau of environmental protection of the Changchun City, city, city to be started jointly is oily reclaim mobile " , will be in recently the Changchun City each are street community is pilot carry out, advance the Changchun City with this the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon.

As we have learned, at present the Changchun City already had kitchen rubbish oil to reclaim processing condition, reclaim the company will enter pilot community paid reclaim kitchen rubbish is oily (the resid that includes to smoke food of lampblack engine oil, deepfry to had been used) , offer all and relevant form a complete set to serve.

The Changchun City still will be on pilot foundation, progressively a resource is managing each domains that extend consumption of material of report of section water, section, section, green to wait for the public to live. Bureau of environmental protection of the Changchun City, the Women's Federation and real estate department already all decided to bring into this activity system of this quota of systematic year assessment, in order to establish community dweller resource conservation and the lasting effect mechanism that protect retaining ring area.

According to statistic, at present pollution of life of the Changchun City has occupied the nearly 70 % that pollutes a source entirely, exceed the level of 60 % of the whole nation, life rubbish of the dweller, include kitchen rubbish, excrement and urine, scour to wait to already caused pollution to water system among them. Because this begins oil of rubbish of " dweller kitchen,reclaim mobile " , managing to promoting the dweller's resource consciousness and consciousness of environmental social morality, defend zoology safety the sense is great.