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Hainan is pilot renewable resources reclaims
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23 days morning, a few resident that live in garden of vessel of big talk gold are taking the unused in the home to abandon newspaper to wait " rubbish " , what just established from this village is green protect reclaim the station changes the daily articles for daily use such as oil of a rice, edible in staff member hand.

"Rubbish also can change rice " , this thing is quite strange, it is true however nevertheless. A few days ago, I save the first reject to reclaim " regular army " -- Hainan is green protect renewable resources limited company to hold water formally, the approval of hall of business affairs of this classics province, renewable resources that invests 12.8 million yuan reclaims enterprise, the time with two years, 1500 rubbish build to reclaim in complete province site. If you are willing, rubbish of the unused in the home is reclaiming the site becomes " baby " .

Reject reclaims using is construction managing model a kind of when expand circular economy society, effective carrier. Current, national Department of Commerce already was in 24 cities of countrywide begin renewable resources to reclaim the system builds pilot job. Big talk and 3 inferior although do not belong to pilot city, but in the government support energetically below, hainan is green protect renewable resources limited company to will build a Hainan the first reject " reclaim, treatment, use " of one continuous line set an example model enterprise, save reject in order to raise me to reclaim utilization rate.

According to introducing, this company initial stage will be mixed in big talk 3 inferior a few community and residential village establish demonstrative point, establish 250 in all civilian reclaim station, carry large retexture plant, the useless old goods and materials that to reclaiming the dot delivers undertakes gathering, sorting, treatment, trade, promote those who abandon old goods and materials to reclaim use. Useless old processing is free from contamination of whole process implementation, harmless change, build more perfect renewable resources to reclaim system, raise renewable resources to reclaim stage by stage rate, implementation renewable resources reclaims industrialization. Progressively promotion reachs other city county after demonstrative success.

Current, this company already established Jin Ding to reclaim in big talk elegant Yuan Hui of station and world trade controls a station. This company says about chief, besides establish in a few villages reclaim outside the site, the company is right of short duration not the area that cloth selects, the group technical staff undertakes fluidity comes to serve. City is civil " rubbish " can exchange every day object or convert ready money.

Origin: Hainan daily