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Green packs the action to be started in household of Beijing appropriate home
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On November 28, by Beijing earth village, natural friend, Fu Ping culture of environment of peace of school environment and development institute, green, China promotes nature of meeting, world folk of foundation, China International organizes collaboration to promote foundation of meeting, the sources of energy to wait for much home environmental protection to organize initiate jointly, begin in countrywide part city " energy-saving 20 % citizen acts -- green packs me to choose " activity. Liu of champion of China of young lady of the 47th international flies attended activity of this commonweal of second environmental protection with volunteer identity.

This the activity is in the city such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Xiamen, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Kunming, Hefei undertakes at the same time. Collect fees through supermarket polybag of a day activity, promotion " managing " " be apt to is used " and " conceit of the person that pollute, environment has price " wait for environmental protection concept, publicize to numerous people " green is packed " , in order to because the overmuch production of packing and the environment that consumption creates are polluted,decrease. Be in cooperative supermarket, the polybag that needs to use a supermarket to offer is like when every consumer shops, need to pay one horn cash to the businessman / " environmental cost " , the purpose is being used less at using economic shift to urge consumer or recycle shops bag, will reduce the use of polybag with this. Activity that day, participation supermarket will have pool to the charge of polybag collection, donate its adolescent to develop foundation next, use at administering an environment.

Be in Beijing, inside the campus such as university of university of the people university that participates in an activity, forestry of Beijing Normal University, Beijing, Beijing industry university, Chinese mining industry, students are in in succession " green packs me to choose " the name that oneself signed on proposal banner, campus supermarket stopped one day this to extend on November 28 free polybag. Day of appropriate family belongs is adopting polybag to collect fees act while, the consumer that environmental protection volunteer and appropriate home stuff shop together ahead publicizes the harm of polybag, and conduct propaganda is bought as far as possible can repeat use environmental protection to shop bag, polybag of set of day of appropriate family belongs makes dosage reduces the goal of 50 % , affirmatory will reduce the payment for goods that sells polybag to donate appointed foundation entirely that day.

Be in Kunming, local environmental protection organizes Yunnan zoology network to be below the support of Kunming municipal government, large supermarket of complete Kunming city, unified polybag was adopted to collect fees on November 28 the action. Such behavior proves, each square support, include government, supermarket and people, be polybag decreases to use a field in future indispensable.
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