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Harbin city handles electronic waste material centrally first
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The reporter learns from bureau of Harbin city environmental protection, recently, harbin city exchanges a center to undertake unity to electronic trash in trash of Harbin city industry first harmless change processing.

To control and reduce the pollution that electronic trash causes to the environment, harbin city begins to execute deserted electron product to collect processing system centrally this year. The component such as the electronic product such as the computer with deserted institution of whole town each office, copycat, electrograph, printer, television, camera, air conditioning, freezer, washing machine, fluorescent tube and selenium beat, ink box, the beard is unified undertake collect and be centralizeded harmless change processing.

The reporter exchanges a center to see in Harbin industry trash, include to abandon computer, useless printer, old freezer to wait for trash of many 200 of all kinds electron to had carried to this the center undertakes handling inside. Concern personnel introduction according to the center, breath out the electronic waste material that city produces every year before, flow into almost do not have environmental protection to deal with the reject of ability reclaims in operator hand, a few components by repeated usage, the deserted electron facility that did not duplicate use value is discarded at will. And because already exceeded,duplicate use part period use, electronic radiate quantity increases, form potential menace to human body health, the deserted electron equipment that discards at will is righter the environment caused pollution. This one state executes deserted electron product to collect processing centrally in Harbin city after the system, will get ameliorative.

Origin: Harbin daily