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Barrier of sex of system of our country environmental protection must be overcom
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The State Council was released on November 22 " national environmental protection " 915 " program " (the following abbreviation " program " ) . " program " point out, the environmental problem that the grading in on the developed country hundred years industrialized process appears, had shown centrally in China, china already entered contamination accident to be sent more period highlight with contradiction period.

" program " express, chinese environment situation is grim. "15 " index of environmental protection plan did not come true entirely, discharge capacity of 2 oxidation sulfur increased than 2000 27. 8 % , chemical oxygen demand decreases only 2. 1 % , half-baked the control goal that reduces 10 % . " program " say, "15 " during the problem of environment of a few deep administrative levels that strive solves did not gain revolutionary headway, the state of extensive of pattern of growth of unreasonable, economy does not have industrial structure to transform at all, the situation that environmental protection lag develops at economy does not have a change, system the issue with not vivid, devoted inadequacy, not strong capability still highlights not suitable, mechanism, the law nots comply, it is difficult to break the law investigate, execute the law the phenomenon of lax, superintendency not do one's best is commonner.

For this, " program " offerring key domain and main job is around implementation " 915 " the main contaminant with affirmatory program discharges control target, prevent and cure pollution to be weighed as Chongzhongzhi, safeguard urban and rural people waters safety serves as first job.

" program " emphasize, want to advance historic transformation actively, exert oneself overcomes the system sex obstacle that restricts environmental protection development for a long time. Distinguish in the center of counterpoise with local thing, distinguish government and company obligation, perfect and unified, harmonious, efficient environment superintends system.

As we have learned, to come true " 915 " environmental protection target, investment of countrywide environmental protection needs to occupy the 1 of gross domestic product of the corresponding period about. 35 % .

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