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Changshan started to receive waste Waste King received the one person to do the
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A waste collection Changshan farmers in just ten years time, actually run from the seven companies. July 27, we interviewed have attracted Electronics Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Matt Lee, chairman of Cheung water. Xiang Li, 43, is Changshan County Water Bridge Township Building, the end of village, his family has seven brothers and sisters, as family burden, Xiang Li, junior high school have not graduated to water cattle at home. "I was working out at age 18, and then In Changshan do a canned food factory, the monthly income of 43 yuan. "Xiang Li recalled water. In the food factory for five or six years, corporate bankruptcies in 1992, Li Xiang had to return home water." I first made the big bridge rural small business Sold coal, but also opened the grocery store. "Later, Li Shui Xiang rented an unused space in the village, started recycling waste materials." Sites more than 700 square meters, driving a tractor when I go out every day waste collection, mainly to Some bearing plant Changshan waste collection, and then sold to Quzhou, and Anhui, Jiangxi and other places. "Xiang Li said the water, waste materials recycling business out just fine, or three million of net income each year. In 1996, to further expand business He in turn moved to Changshan suburbs Outer space. With the accumulation of capital, in 1998, Xiang Li, set up the waste products of water recycling companies, and has been done now. Office of the seven companies Initial venture to success, which makes the water Xiang Li confidence that he was prepared to get involved in new industries. In 2001, at a friend's introduction, Li Shui harmony friends Changshan county partnership registered in Changshan County miter Electronics Co., Ltd. Invested a total of more than 100 million yuan (Li, Xiang out of the water resources, friends, the technology). The company mainly produces semiconductor products, main products sold in Ningbo, Cixi, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places. "Electronics companies of the value of the first year reached 200 million, Second year, more than 300 million. " However, there are unexpected storms, in February 2004 internal crisis, Li Xiang faces a separate water management difficulties. "At that time, I mainly responsible for the investment, management of production by the partners." At this point the water Xiang Li for electronic public Division of the market, technology Dengjun do not know, do not believe that do not conduct business, Li Xiang to learn as the water dried. He specializes in electronic technology to Beijing hired staff responsible for technical production, and start from scratch to go out to run their own market. Tough year , Withstand pressure from all sides, Li Xiang water to a smooth transition electronics company, has made more than 300 million year in sales performance. In 2005, he has requisitioned nearly 20 acres of land, built a new plant. "Even the total investment of 3,000 million, to build the five plants, a comprehensive building and staff quarters, completed and commissioned in 2008." After years of development Now Matt Electronics Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Quzhou City has been rated as high-tech enterprises. There were only more than 20 employees, now has 150, and last year the output value of 4,000 million yuan, is expected to exceed 50 million yuan this year. In 2008, Li Xiang turn the water under the original purchase of the home canning factory was founded bearing plant into the new century. He said that the new century bearing factory covers an area of 3,000 square meters, total investment of 200 million. In the same year, Li Xiang and water with a partner created Office of the Changshan Metal Abrasive Co., Ltd. Cheung Austria. In 2009 he also founded the Changshan happiness Electric Co., Ltd., mainly produces fresh cabinet products. This year, he went to put more than 500 million Huaihua, but also with friends founded a carbon factory. "The business plan before the September 30 put into production." Xiang Li told us the water, supporting the sale of activated carbon, He also incorporated Changshan carbon industry trading company Enron. "In the set up factories in the process, I get a lot of units and the support of friends." This year, the new century, plant bearing cash flow, but due to business expansion, the largest credit union Changshan Staff Bridge Branch understanding, in time for their loans to 100 million, to solve the production financing. Because there they Xiangbang, he could in just ten years time, do the 7 enterprises, total output value reached 100 million yuan last year. Li Xiang water business are getting rich way into the city, but also bring together a group of villagers to get rich. At present, Li Xiang water company to work more than 80 villagers. Great Bridge Township, Village Zhengmei Liang Hua Ting, from 2004 to now has been Matt companies, is now promoted to production manager. Great Bridge Township, Buffalo Wucun occupied Guangying, in the "Matt" for 5 years, the monthly income of 2,000 yuan or more. "I have 80% of the company employees more than 2,000 yuan monthly income on average, in the Company as a middle-level cadres of the seven or eight fellow revenues higher. "Turning to the future, Li Xiang water plan within 3 years to set up a company to take all reasonable planning strategy for survival of the fittest company's business, driving more Fellow with Ben grow rich.