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Hefei 684 built before the end of collection of waste waste recycling hotline
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Waste paper, boxes, bottles almost every household has a pile of ... ... can be bought "junk." And many people are accustomed to waiting rattle sound, and then the home of the "junk" to sell. In fact, make a free phone, there will be door collection of waste services staff. Reporter learned from the Hefei Business Bureau, the city will build a 684 before the end of the Recycle Bin (Pavilion), and the city's fixed phone numbers unified, open online platform for the acquisition of the network, to achieve chain of convenience recycling services. Collection of waste-free hotline open 24 hours In fact, the city has already opened a 24-hour toll-free hotline 4008890818 waste collection, Hefei renewable resource recycling network information center of each connection, the people receiving the call, the information center will be connected to the nearest recycle bin, you can the short time pick-up service. In the future, but also the construction site, and Taobao, as in-line click on the waste can sell the home. "破烂王" the certificates "破烂王" is our waste collection in the past referred to staff to stay on everyone's minds is the street level, to close some waste paper and other things, the lack of norms and organizations. In accordance with this plan, the city government guidance will be taken to support the principle of operation the enterprise market, strive to 5 years, so that the recovery of more than 90% of Hefei personnel certificates, into standardized management. In addition, the community of garbage, and no longer waste transportation company contracted by the property deal, but the establishment of recycling, waste recycling is available. By then, more than 90% of the community will be built with standardized recycling, renewable resources, more than 90% will enter the designated market transactions and focus on the standardization. Collect "junk" earned 3.0 billion a year in Hefei Free garbage collection, the work seems very common, and even some hard work, but renewable resources recovery and utilization potential, only the 2009 year, the recovery value reached 30 billion! Hefei Bureau of Commerce Director of planning and construction of market system Zhao introduced the treatment of waste tire particles, colored, made of rubber track, superior performance, low cost, product demand, substantial economic benefits. As the sports industry, market demand for good projects. According to incomplete statistics, with the economic and social development, while at the same time, consumption of large amounts of resources and living in a large amount of waste. In 2009, Hefei 362900 t waste iron and steel, waste nonferrous metals 30,900 tons, 56,200 tons of waste paper, recycling all kinds of dismantling scrapped automobiles ten thousand. To provide internship opportunities for college students Zhao introduced, the city will set up 16 colleges and universities in the green recycle bin, trash can as a practical platform for students, job placement opportunities for students, in the form of royalty relief by some of the economic situation of students from poor families. In addition to the weekly familiar heap outside flea market, the city will build six of a certain scale renewable resource distribution centers and flea market: River District in the package building for waste rubber, waste plastics and other non-metallic materials used recycling sorting center at the core; in Yaohai building to copper, aluminum scrap and other scrap metal sorting center; in the new station area and the Lake District are building a scrap cars, electronics-based comprehensive dismantling of renewable resources center. Feidong fat in the West, but also the corresponding planning.