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Qingdao "niche" waste battery collection bins posts quartering expired drugs
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Most people are familiar with in the "recyclable waste" and "non-recyclable rubbish," the "dichotomy" trash near the street litter bins began to quietly fade, more of a "toxic waste" drop box. Yesterday, the reporter found that in some sections, new litter bins put on the street, some people feel finally have a place to discard used batteries, and some people still unclear about the toxic and hazardous waste, as well as the public is not fine when released Add distinction. "Segment" Trash posts August 16 afternoon, a reporter in Liaoning Road, Yan'an Road and other roads to see, before there was a slight change in the trash, that is, two "recyclable waste" and "non-recyclable waste" of the above, plus the a "hazardous waste" recycling bins. Subsequently, the reporter found in the sea road trip, getting out of a total of "quartering" the trash started to battle. Swim in the sea road, along the distribution of several groups that a new rubbish bin, each bin is a group of four, divided into recyclable waste, non-recyclable garbage, other refuse and hazardous waste. Reporter from the district that recently, all districts face in to the trash, the addition of a hazardous waste container port, making the garbage is more refined. Batteries finally found home August 16 afternoon, a press interview in Liaoning on the road, happened to encounter people from throwing waste batteries, Ms. Xing. From her bag and pulled out four batteries, easily dropped into a "hazardous waste" recycling bins. Ms. Xing, told reporters last thing troubled hearts resolved, before the use of used batteries down really do not know where to throw. The reporters found that many people in the face of the new trash, or not be accurate delivery. A woman surnamed Liu told reporters, mineral water bottles, cans and other recyclable it is know, but others do not understand. "Niche" look after "careful" August 16, the city sanitation department staff North told reporters that, at present, including the city district, including the North is to transform the trash on the street, the main change is the addition of hazardous waste drop box, some used batteries, expired drugs fall into this range, people can put into it. Laoshan District Municipal Public Bureau official told reporters, "quartering" the trash now and in the pilot, the following years will be extended coverage to the downtown part of Laoshan. It is reported that the sanitation department, Laoshan District, for the "quartering" the trash, and specially equipped car battery recycling bags for sanitation workers to clean up garbage, garbage can be used as part of the available power, the system methane. As for how to deal with a number of hazardous waste, the official said, just as they trash the establishment of public awareness of waste separation is not very clear, so the need to re-classification of garbage collection, and then transported to Taiyuan Road unified transfer station for processing. I hope more people taking out the trash when the can in the right seat.