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The admission of eight hundred batteries
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This month, will select 186 urban communities, 76 schools, 15 large-scale shopping malls, the installation of 800 special waste battery recycling bins for collecting, transport, storage and treatment and disposal. The reporter visited the South have found that many people discard at the phenomenon of used batteries is more serious. (Southern Metropolis Daily www.nddaily.com SouthernMetropolisDailyMark Southern Network) "Used batteries contain high levels of lead, mercury and other heavy metals, pollution of the environment, endanger human health, Huizhou has officially started now recycling used batteries." According to City Secretary yellow water sanitation detailed description, waste separation, environmental projects and low-carbon life, as preferred, Huizhou will be gradually carried out pilot work to collect garbage classification, first separate collection of used batteries. The implementation this month of scrap battery recycling activities, the Urban Environmental Sanitation Bureau, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and the City Board of Education to implement waste separation pilot joint community projects. According to the Urban Environmental Sanitation Bureau, waste battery collection buckets designed to collect all kinds of dry batteries, button batteries and cell phone batteries, running against the other trash. In addition, waste battery collection bucket should be placed in a prominent position entrance, residents of the community battery collection bucket to be hung on the walls in the main entrance, high and low to moderate, from residential property management company responsible for the installation. "We will use the existing life of garbage removal system, waste battery recycling bins for specialized private collection, transportation and storage." Huang Long said the water, waste battery recycling came after the creation of municipal solid waste landfill site storage area for storage of used batteries and then periodically sent in Huidong, Guangdong Province Liang integrated hazardous waste treatment demonstration center for safe disposal. Sound Too much trouble to throw trash recycling "Resting at home get in the way of used batteries, used to play children are afraid, afraid to throw the garbage polluting the environment." "In the past I could not find neighborhood collection points for used batteries, but unfortunately had to throw the trash with household waste . "Yesterday, the reporter visited 10 random people, found that many people do not know how to deal with waste batteries. Most people that do not know where to throw, and later thrown into the trash can only direct the. "Meaningful set of used battery collection point, the best little incentive measures, such as battery exchange and little toys, and everyone had more positive."