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Reclaim to reject must receive patent and put on record
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A few days ago, change by national Department of Commerce, hair appoint, ministry of the Ministry of Public Security, construction, industrial and commercial six ministries and commissions released total bureau, environmental protection total bureau jointly " renewable resources reclaims administrative measure " . This " method " making clear business affairs to be in charge of a branch is the industry director branch that renewable resources reclaims, be in charge of making relevant industry policy, reclaim standard and industry development program and measure, the branch such as development reform, public security, industrial and commercial, environmental protection, construction, program executes division of labor to be in charge of, carry out supervisory management according to respective duty.

Basis " method " regulation, since May 1, 2007, every is engaged in useless old metal, discard as useless electronic product, discard as useless raw material of Electromechanical equipment and its component, useless papermaking (wait like waste paper, cotton waste) , useless light industrial chemicals (if packing of balata, plastic, pesticide, animal is miscellaneous bone, hair) , the renewable resources such as useless glass reclaims, must accord with industrial and commercial administration to register a condition, receive business patent, be in after obtaining business license inside 30 days, manage a principle by apanage, to the business affairs is the same as class of registration book ground director branch puts on record; Be engaged in abandoning old metal to reclaim of management activity, still answer to put on record to mechanism of public security of seat county class at the same time. In the meantime, " method " regulation, reclaim when the enterprise is answering midwifery to produce a gender to abandon old metal, ought to wait to undertake registering according to the facts to the name of article, amount, norms, new old rate, check offer square proof, number of the full name that register, address, Id.

Bureau of city business affairs expresses, according to this " method " , commerce director branch will combine other concerned department to increase pair of renewable resources to reclaim the superintendency of the industry and consolidate normative strength, strengthen reclaim systematic construction, the health that promotes whole industry develops in order. For this, bureau of city business affairs reminds each reject reclaims operator should deal with the industrial and commercial formalities that register as soon as possible, undertake putting on record to bureau of local business affairs since May 1, build concern the system that register and archives soundly, otherwise, will be faced with 500 yuan of above 2000 yuan of the following amerce.