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Hair change appoint: Industry of normative lead zinc is strict admittance of plu
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Development is reformed appoint Gu Yinsong of deputy director general of economic moving bureau held in Beijing on April 17 " forum of progress of chain of industry of nonferrous metal of the 3rd China and forum of catenary of plumbic zinc industry " on express, invest behavior for industry of normative lead zinc, the country will attach most importance to industry of zinc of lead of dot, change to grow means to be a center with structural adjustment, optimize according to the structure, technical progress, scientific program, energy-saving fall the bad news, principle that protects environment, safe production takes step macroscopical guiding, structure of industry of stimulative lead zinc upgrades.

The main policy step that the country will take to plumbic zinc industry includes: Condition of admittance of industry of firm lead zinc, raise industry admittance threshold; Fixed announcement accords with the plumbic zinc of admittance condition to produce company list, to going to the society is supervised and manage into action condition actually; Those who reinforce the policy such as industrial policy and land, credit, environmental protection, safety is harmonious cooperate, control project of plumbic zinc start working strictly; Increase industrial structural adjustment, wash out backward strength; Be used integratedly and resource conservation, the supportive strength that increases exploration of pair of resource of plumbic zinc mineral products and abroad resource development; Strengthen environmental protection and harmonious development to wait.

Gu Yinsong still expresses, balance basically to maintain supply and demand of plumbic zinc trade, develop in order by the program, want to restrict ability of plumbic zinc smelt to grow blindly. After washing out backward productivity 2010, produce per year lead of essence of life can control in 4 million tons of less than, zinc is produced per year can control in 5 million tons of less than. In the meantime, want to develop plumbic zinc second birth to use a property energetically, 30% what make renewable resources wastage achieves total consumption. (Yang Jinxin Yang Wei) origin: International finance newspaper