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Shenyang city renewable resources reclaims administrative measure
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Dispatch unit: Government of Shenyang city people
Article date: Mansion of civil administration of Shenyang city person 55 order
Issue date: 2006-4-19
Executive date: 2006-5-1

" Shenyang city renewable resources reclaims administrative measure " already 5 times standing conference discussed mansion of city person civil administration on April 3, 2006 through, grant to release now, apply since May 1, 2006.

Mayor: Li Yingjie
Two years on April 19

Shenyang city renewable resources reclaims administrative measure

The first reclaims for normative renewable resources the market, raise renewable resources to use efficiency integratedly, ensure safety of municipal and public facilities, promote managing model social construction, combine this city actual, make this way.

This the 2nd method place says renewable resources is to point to what be produced in the society and arise in life consumption process to had been lost original or the part uses value, the course reclaims, treatment is arranged, can make its recover all sorts of litter of use value.

The main breed of renewable resources includes: Material of material of useless old metal, useless old electric home appliances
The renewable resources inside area of the 3rd this city administration reclaims management monitors an activity, apply to this method.

The management that government of people of the 4th city trusts cooperation of city supply and marketing to combine a company to be in charge of this city renewable resources reclaiming works, office of city renewable resources government is specific and responsible the day-to-day management that renewable resources reclaims works.

Administration of Wu of public security, industrial and commercial, duty, environmental protection, program, city building, city government executes the law wait for concerned branch, ought to do good renewable resources to reclaim according to respective duty government works.

The 5th city develops and reform committee ought to build overall planning according to town, develop according to circular economy and managing model the society builds need, weave industry of this city renewable resources grows overall planning; Office of renewable resources government grows overall planning according to renewable resources industry, responsible staff renewable resources reclaims station (dot) trade with renewable resources the setting program of the market.

The 6th this city renewable resources reclaims management, ought to build with community green classification reclaims, environmental protection flow reclaims for the foundation, with distributing center trade the market is carrier reclaim network system, industrialization of implementation renewable resources, resource is changed and harmless change.
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