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Hangzhou city renewable resources reclaims administrative measure
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Dispatch unit: Zhejiang saves government of Hangzhou city people
Article date: The 231st
Issue date: 2006-10-31
Executive date: 2006-12-1

" Hangzhou city renewable resources reclaims administrative measure " already 120 times standing conference discussed mansion of city person civil administration on September 18, 2006 through, grant to announce now, apply since December 1, 2006.

Two years of October 31 days

Hangzhou city renewable resources reclaims administrative measure

The first manages to strengthen renewable resources to reclaim, resource conservation, protect an environment, uphold public order, basis " cleanness of People's Republic of China produces stimulative law " , " law of prevention and cure of environment of pollution of trash of solid of People's Republic of China " the regulation that waits for legal laws and regulations, combine this city actual, make this way.

Of the renewable resources inside limits of the 2nd this city urban district reclaim manage reach its to control government, applicable this method.

This the 3rd method place weighs renewable resources, point to to be produced in the society and arise in life consumption process, had lost original and all or the part uses value, the course reclaims, store, treatment processing, can make its recover all sorts of litter of use value.

It is car, useless old electric equipment and electronic product, dangerous to discard as useless of the article such as trash and medical treatment trash reclaim, law, code, regulations has a regulation additionally, set from its.

The supervisory government that business affairs of the 4th city, region is in charge of a branch to be in charge of renewable resources reclaiming works.

Canal of canal of program, public security, industrial and commercial, city, environmental protection, city executes the law, the administration department such as traffic ought to according to respective duty, the relevant supervisory government that does good renewable resources to reclaim works.

Countryside (town) people government, street agency ought to cooperate canal of business affairs, public security, industrial and commercial, city to execute the law wait for administration department to had done the renewable resources inside this area under administration to reclaim government works.

Guild of the 5th renewable resources ought to establish industry self-discipline standard, cooperate business affairs to be in charge of a branch to consider to make an industry develop policy of program, industry and relevant technology standard.

Renewable resources guild ought to accept business affairs to be in charge of business guidance of the branch, assist relevant administration department to reclaim to renewable resources the industry carries out supervisory management.

Branch of director of commerce of the 6th city ought to is in charge of jointly with city program, economy, city wait for administration department according to " Hangzhou city industry expands oriented list " formulary industry develops policy, reclaim according to urban overall planning and renewable resources the development state of affairs of the industry, staff renewable resources reclaims the industrial position of the industry and development program, classics city people is carried out after governmental approval.
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