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Quiet remote town renewable resources reclaims management carries out an opinion
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According to the Central Committee of Communist Party of China " develop eleventh about making national economy and society the proposal that plans 5 years " put forward " regard basic national policy as resource conservation, expand circular economy energetically, perfect renewable resources reclaims use a system, accelerate construction resource is managing model, the environment is friendly model society, photograph of stimulative economy progress and population, resource, environment is harmonious " change with national Department of Commerce, hair appoint, combination of total bureau of total bureau of ministry of the Ministry of Public Security, construction, industrial and commercial administration, environmental protection issues " renewable resources reclaims administrative measure " spirit, combinative Qingyuan is actual, reclaim with respect to renewable resources of normative our city now the management of the industry, raise renewable resources to reclaim utilization rate, protect an environment, accelerate renewable resources to reclaim use a system to build a problem, make this executive opinion.
One, guiding ideology, overall objective and construction principle
(One) guiding ideology is mixed theoretically with Deng Xiaoping " 3 delegates " serious thought is guidance, establish and implement scientific progress concept, closely around construction resource is managing model, the environment is friendly model social requirement, cogent reclaim renewable resources use systematic construction to regard the politics that does real thing for masses as the task, as the serious content that establishs civilized zoology town, elaborate scheme, equitable distribution, uniform standard, standard is built, in this city the city zone (contain new and high area and town village, similarly hereinafter) form overall arrangement reasonable, network applicable, function perfects perfect, establishment, the renewable resources that manages science reclaims use a system, progressively implementation renewable resources reclaims the industrialization that use.
(2) overall objective builds renewable resources to reclaim through compose use network system, perfect mechanism of renewable resources management, realize a city hard the community of 90% above builds renewable resources to reclaim station (dot) , 90% above bring into standard management from personnel of course of study, 90% above renewable resources enters designation market to trade to be handled with concentration, 90% above renewable resources gets reclaiming using, form reclaim with urban community green station (dot) for the foundation, sorting handling center is core, treatment is used for the purpose, the renewable resources of the union that choose a side reclaims use network system, industry of stimulative renewable resources runs healthy, orderly development.
(3) build a principle according to " governmental dominant, the market is run " principle, form linkage is coordinated between departmental door, cooperate closely, pay the good state of condominium together, high starting point, high level advances our city renewable resources to reclaim use systematic construction.
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