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The key industry such as chemical industry will take the lead in postponing circ
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National hair changes appoint deputy secretary-general horsepower is in by force " development loop economy, stimulative trash 0 discharge " express on forum, organize the key work out iron and steel, coloured, coal, electric power, chemical industry, building materials, refine sugar to wait for economy of key industry circulation to push a plan this year, make and release circular economy to evaluate quota system. "915 " during, still will timely start economy of the 2nd batch of loops pilot.

Outside working except afore-mentioned two respects, "915 " during still will promote structural adjustment, edit " catalog of guidance of industrial structural adjustment " , accelerate wash out backward productivity, the concept that extends circular economy by issue as before is reasonable adjust region industry position; Build system of plan of perfect law law, publish circular economy standard as soon as possible, edit managing energy law, come on stage " useless old home appliance reclaims processing regulation " , make useless old tire, packing reclaim use the code of form a complete set such as administrative measure. In the meantime, encourage technical innovation, weave and release the key trade such as steely, coloured, chemical industry, building materials circular economy props up a technology; Perfect policy mechanism; Farther perfect resource uses taxation privilege policy integratedly, increase circular economy to develop fund, form the devoted mechanism that supports circular economy development.