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Industry of metal of Guangdong second birth: Prosperous backside has secret worr
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UselessMetalCount an import for a long time, bring about an entrance easily to rise in price, this locality finished cost rises, company profit drops, market competition ability is abate wait for a series of problems - -

Look now, the property of second birth metal that Guangdong develops quickly is not the circular economy mode that is a kind of success.

Recently, guangzhou custom releases a message to say, this year 1-2 month, guangdong province imports violent wind of useless metal amount to rise, import respectively useless

  GuangdongAbandon what the metal imports to grow considerably, result from the rapid development of industry of metal of its second birth, among them and other places of far, Nanhai has formed Guangdong Qing Dynasty powerful useless metal entrance, tear open solution, reclaim, the property that second birth uses group.

If be told from dimensions of industrial structure, development only, the development mode of metal of Guangdong second birth, it is successful without doubt. Handle useless metal every year to measure nearly 5 million tons, for bead trigonometry manufacturing industry, it is countrywide downstream industry provides raw material even, developSecond birthMetallic industry also attracts giant downstream company to gather. Place of production of Guangdong's famous second birth copper- - Qing Yuantong's price is in London everyday quoted price of exchange of metallic bourse, futures of new York metal, those who affect international copper price go up drop. "This industry catenary, even if is the loop in the whole nation on economic history, it is to be worth to write go up of brushstroke. " Liu Jian tells the expert of institute of technology of Guangdong Nanhai economy the reporter.

But whether is this meant, is the development mode of metal of Guangdong second birth a kind of successful circular economy mode?

"May not sees. " Liu Jian thinks, this is a kind of particularly mixed success, "Actually, be in Guangdong, the severe shortage of mineral products resource, already became the fetters and handcuffs that manufacturing industry develops, make Guangdong must import useless metal in great quantities. But, as the rapidder development of Guangdong manufacturing industry, resource wastage increases considerably subsequently, guangdong also will grow quickly to abandoning metallic entrance. Rise to what international market raw material counts level, for Guangdong hardware second birthIndustrydevelopment is buried played hidden trouble. development is buried played hidden trouble..

Depend on the malpractice that imports useless metal to be paid close attention to inside course of study increasingly. "Home abolishs exuberant requirement of the metal to the entrance, had caused chain reaction. " a senior personage inside course of study says to the reporter. With Liu Jian's viewpoint, look in him, of finished cost rise, also will affect the industry of second birth metal
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