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It is crucial that circular agriculture forms industrial chain
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This edition reported a few places develop the successful way of circular agriculture, a their common characteristic is circular agriculture formed industrial chain.
In recent years, each district is developing circular agriculture actively. Circular agriculture is acted on namely decrease quantify, the principle of recycle, recycle, use shift of science and technology, policy and market mechanism, adjusting control agriculture is produced and consume an activity, utmost land increases resource to use efficiency, reduce pollution as far as possible to discharge use up with resource, realize the unity of economy, zoology and social benefit. Circular agriculture belongs to contemporary agriculture category, it is development of contemporary agriculture due justice.
The biggest characteristic that agriculture produces is economic course and biology course is unified, consequently, environment and resource develop to can lasting of agriculture crucial. Current, development of our country agriculture faces a few outstanding problems, expression is in: Year after year of farmland of average per capita decreases; The utilization rate of irrigation water is only 45% the left and right sides; The utilization rate of chemical fertilizer has 30 % only - 40% ; The straw of 650 million tons of crop that arises every year and much of excrement and urine of birds of 4.5 billion tons of cultivate have no effect to use, discharge to the environment directly; A large number of use chemical fertilizer, pesticide and grow conditioning agent, already formed stereo pollution to agricultural zoology environment gradually. This causes soil fertility to drop not only, crop reduction in production, more important is to cause produce character to drop, vendibility and competition ability are reduced, can last of agriculture development is afterwards hard.
What resource, environment and produce market compete is astringent and actual, ask we must take the route of circular agriculture.
Develop circular agriculture, want to act on those who decrease quantified principle to reduce chemical fertilizer, pesticide to wait to use an amount on one hand, improve efficiency, if water of recipe fertilization, section irrigates,wait. Want will traditional agriculture namely on the other hand " resource, product, litter " means of linear material flow, transform for " resource, product, litter, renewable resources " circular flow means, core is use through discarding source of goods and materials is changed, catenary of industry of outspread agriculture zoology, advance relevant industry to form, according to " resource, product, litter, renewable resources " feedback form technological process organizes agricultural production, implementation resource is used the biggest change and environmental pollution is the least change.
The farmer loop agriculture that our country traditional agriculture is a kind of model, but the natural economy that its foundation is autarky, and contemporary loop agriculture is the market economy that is based on merchandise trade. Accordingly, the development that must meet system of contemporary agriculture industry adequately asks, around dominant product, compose is built mutual depend on sb or sth for existence, product is mixed between the industry the industrial chain that semifinished product reachs what litter exchange uses. Interior of system of farmer family loop, agriculture is built in active compose system of circular system and enterprise interior loop while, more want have sth in mind to build grow systemic circulation of systemic circulation, workers and peasants, urban and rural systemic circulation, area systemic circulation and circular industrialization, make circular chain ceaseless and outspread, resource is used more sufficient, circular efficiency is taller.
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