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Random war of renewable resources industry 300 billion
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Regard 21 centuries only as the resource of growth, renewable resources industry is the sunny industry with whole world the rapiddest development. Use association count according to Chinese renewable resources, our country can reclaim every year use but did not reclaim the renewable resources value that use amounts to 35 billion dollar to come 40 billion dollar, amount to RMB is amounted to 300 billion yuan the left and right sides

"Because do not receive producer goods, the company's advanced environmental protection equipment is many and unused. " Tianjin east Xue Benxi of general manager of limited company of second birth of state lead resource is very helpless. Walk into Tianjin east limited company of second birth of state lead resource, reporter discovery, inside so large plant area soundless, without the evidence of a bit start working. Advanced unused, this is the current situation of this company.

The regular army does not go all out to cross subterranean channel

Tianjin east limited company of second birth of state lead resource is a loop that digests flotsam of lead of industry of car, accumulator technically enterprise, produce per year can be lead of alloy of 12 thousand tons of second birth. Discard as useless plumbic acerbity accumulator is included directory of national danger trash already, handle undeserved meeting to bring serious " lead poisoning " , reclaim use an enterprise to need business certificate of hold danger trash. And Tianjin east state is this city only an enterprise that hold card.

Produce according to the design can, the company needs about 20 thousand tons every year to abandon old lead acerbity accumulator, but provide raw material of about 6000 tons of useless old lead besides two partner business at present, the others raw material can be relied on only reclaim from reject of a few folk central high price is bought. But ask to produce by environmental protection as a result of the company, itself cost wants tower above to make an appointment with 30 % than small mill, and buy acerbity accumulator of useless old lead not to take bill of replenish onr's stock from civilian channel, accordingly, the company does not have a law to touch deduct income value added tax, cannot compete with subterranean channel.

Environmental protection branch maintains because raw material lack is many and unused,join compasses company, the small company that does not have any aptitude, small mill is formed however produce, for, annul " one continuous line " " subterranean industry catenary " . It is seawater at the same time, it is blaze at the same time, this is the true portraiture of existing state of affairs of development of estate of domestic renewable resources.

The reporter is interviewed in Zhejiang stage city when, the person that ever saw whole village is reclaiming processing abandons electric equipment. Leaving mill to still have a paragraph of space, the odour everywhere with pungent move sees the sewage be mingled with of crosscurrent. The complete manual non-standard operation in mill is affecting the environment all round badly, do not block billow of supply of goods however. "Everyday technical person comes deliver goods. " the villager tells a reporter.
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