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" renewable resources reclaims administrative measure " unscramble
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On March 27, 2007, department of Commerce, development is reformed appoint, ministry of the Ministry of Public Security, construction, industrial and commercial six ministries and commissions released total bureau, environmental protection total bureau jointly " renewable resources reclaims administrative measure " (Department of Commerce makes [2007] the 8th date, the following abbreviation " method " ) , apply since May 1, 2007. To facilitate the public understands " method " concerned content and spirit, department of Commerce accepted a reporter to interview at this point about chief.

Ask: " method " to what problem solve is making?

Answer: Our country renewable resources reclaims the industry is existing to reclaim site lack program, reclaim the system is diseased, reclaim the problem such as order disorder, this is caused not only reclaim lead low, technology to progress enterprise of recycle of slow, processing " leave boiler without rice " wait for trade problem, caused a harm even environment of security of society, pollution, harm worker healthy wait for a series of society problems. Renewable resources reclaims is the important segment that expands circular economy, reclaim for normative renewable resources the development of the industry, resource conservation, protect an environment, implementation economy and society can develop continuously, the industry that reclaims as renewable resources is in charge of a branch, my ministry concerns a section jointly, made jointly " method " . This is standard government renewable resources reclaims the first of the industry national regulations, the hope can manage the job to provide guidance with reclaiming for each district renewable resources, produce positive effect for normative industry order. " method " from the site program, operator puts on record, productivity abandons old metal to reclaim register wait for much link proceed with, perfected renewable resources to reclaim in the round each system of link.

Ask: "Renewable resources " what is the definition? " method " standard of breed of what renewable resources reclaim management activity?

Answer: " method " will " renewable resources " the definition is, be produced in the society and arise in life consumption process, had lost original and all or the part uses value, the course reclaims, treatment processing, can make its recover all sorts of litter of use value. Specific include to abandon old metal, discard as useless electronic product, discard as useless raw material of Electromechanical equipment and its component, useless papermaking, useless light industrial chemicals, useless glass. Those who need an attention is, usable to be like an entrance the solid waste material that makes raw material, dangerous trash, discard as useless of the breed of special renewable resources such as the car reclaim management, legal laws and regulations and regulations have a regulation additionally, not applicable " method " .

Ask: " method " does built renewable resources reclaim does operator put on record what are the content of the system and reason?
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