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Realize energy-saving latent capacity of China of the energy-saving target that
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This year " governmental working report " point out, "Should energy-saving fall the breach that environment of bad news, protection and managing intensive regard change economy as to grow way with the ground and important grasper.

Should waste exorbitant the sources of energy fall, we must see well the tremendous potential of energy-saving job.

Where is our energy-saving latent capacity, does latent capacity have how old?

Use efficiency than the sources of energy with abroad, the latent capacity that knows we are energy-saving is how enormous.

Compare specific power consumption of unit production value. According to concerning orgnaization research, pressed calculative of active exchange rate 2000 specific power consumption of gross domestic product of every 1 million dollars, our country is coal of 1274 tons of standards, more average than the world level is 2.4 times higher, part than the United States, European Union, Japan, India 2.5 times taller, 4.9 times, 8.7 times with 0.43 times.

2 than unit product specific power consumption. 2000, our country electric power, steely, coloured, petrifaction, building materials, chemical industry, light industrial, spin goes 8 times specific power consumption of main unit of product compares course of study on average international is advanced the level is high 40% , if cupreous smelt is integrated specific power consumption is tall 65% , large synthesis ammonia is integrated specific power consumption is tall 31.2% , paper and chipboard are integrated specific power consumption is tall 120% .

3 than main bad news can facilities energy efficiency. 2000, boiler of industry of our country coal fired runs efficiency on average 65% the left and right sides, more advanced than international level is low 15 to 20 percent; In small electromotor average efficiency 87% , fan, water pump designs efficiency on average 75% , all compare international advanced level is low 5 percent, systematic moving efficiency is low nearly 20 percent; Level of economy of motor vehicle fuel is lower than Europe 25% , lower than Japan 20% , lower than American whole level 10% ; Carry cargo car 100 ton kilometer oily bad news 7.6 litres, more advanced than abroad level is 1 times higher above; Inland river carries shipping oily cost more advanced than abroad level is high 10% , 20% .

4 than specific power consumption of unit floor area. At present specific power consumption of heating of floor area of our country unit is equivalent to developed country of climate condition close 2 times, 3 times. According to expert analysis, our country public construction is carried out in the round with living building energy-saving the standard of 50% is actual and feasible; Compare with developed country photograph, although be in,achieved energy-saving the energy-saving latent capacity that there still is about 50% after the target of 50% .
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