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Realize energy-saving latent capacity of China of the energy-saving target that
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5 than energy efficiency. Efficiency of our country energy is more advanced than international the level is low 10 percent. Average efficiency of unit of the cable that be like fire 33.8% , more advanced than international level is low 6 to 7 percent. The sources of energy uses intermediate segment (treatment, changeover and lay aside carry) loss amount is large, wasteful and serious.

Pass contrast to be able to see, our country the sources of energy uses the difference of efficiency and abroad to make clear, energy-saving potential is tremendous. The basis concerns unit research, use by unit product specific power consumption and terminal can advanced level compares equipment specific power consumption and international, at present the energy-saving latent capacity of our country is coal of 300 million tons of standards about.

The expert points out, the sources of energy consumes a level is structure of economy of a country, growth the comprehensive report of pattern of ability of level of means, science and technology, government, spending and national quality. Accordingly, energy-saving latent capacity also depends on optimizing economic structure ceaselessly, accelerate a technology progress, improve level of management, advocate the whole people to participate in wait for a respect.

Above all, energy-saving latent capacity depends on optimizing economic structure.

Current, 3 times from our country industrial structure looks, economy grows too depend on secondary industry, the tertiary industy of feebleminded bad news develops on the low side of lag, proportion. 2005, the proportion that our country tertiary industy increases a value to take gross domestic product just passed 40% . Via joining constituent state this one proportion exceeds 70% on average, among them, the United States is 75.3% . The Brazil that develops horizontal close with our country and India are respectively 75.1% with 51.2% . According to concerned branch calculate, if our country tertiary industy increases the proportion of the value to increase a percent, the industry in secondary industry increases value proportion to reduce a percent accordingly, specific power consumption of 10 thousand yuan of GDP can reduce a percent accordingly. From industrial interior the structure looks, proportion of industry of high-energy bad news is large, especially high cost can overcapacity of common treatment industry, the industry proportion of hi-tech content, high additional cost, feebleminded bad news is small. 2005, hi-tech industry increases a value to occupy industry to increase the proportion of the value to have 10.3% only. According to current industrial structure, if hi-tech industry increases value proportion to increase a percent, and the high cost such as metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry can industry proportion drops accordingly a percent, specific power consumption of 10 thousand yuan of GDP can reduce 1.3 percent accordingly.

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