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How does the Olympic Games reflect circular economy concept
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● shows the product of circular economy and service
● place establishment is managing use resource circularly
● things decreases quantity and litter again resource is changed
● consumption is paid attention to form circular economy community

Green Olympic Games is the important concept of Beijing Olympic Games, crucial is how to pay all specific actions this one concept in. The author thinks, besides an environment quality is shown to the whole world during the Olympic Games besides the Chinese capital of civilization of room of good, fitting, zoology, should be in more each domain related the Olympic Games (include company of village of Olympic Games place, Olympic Games, relevant service to wait) the product that shows circular economy adequately and service, ability reflects the real operation that runs green Olympic Games.

Source of circular economy as a way of is efficient use and use circularly for core, with " 3 R " (e of c of u of R e d , resource uses decrease quantify, reduce use resource less as far as possible namely; e of s of R e u , the reuse of the product, the use that extends a product as far as possible namely is periodic, use in a variety of circumstances; e of l of c of y of R e c , the recycle of litter, namely utmost ground reduces litter to discharge, strive to accomplish those who discharge is harmless change, realize resource recycle, and the requirement is used as far as possible can circulate reborn resource is replaced cannot renewable resources) for the principle, with low consumption, low discharge, efficient for main feature.

Circular economy is reflected go up in the Olympic Games, it is resource conservation, loop uses resource above all. In water natural resources managing use a field with the loop, there is the place that uses up water natural resources in great quantities in Olympic Games establishment, if the water natural resources of natatorium should realize a loop to use, of field of softball field, football ground, golf defend the water in can be being used in great quantities (namely the second birth water after urban foul water passes processing) ; In the sources of energy managing use a field with the loop, the relevant establishment of the Olympic Games and its move should use energy-saving environmental protection material and device morely (wait like establishment of illume of establishment of illume of energy-saving environmental protection building materials, energy-saving environmental protection home appliance, green, intelligence) , use solar energy as far as possible (wait like system of batteries of power source of system of photoelectricity of solar energy warm water system, solar energy, solar energy) , make as far as possible heat energy get second loop uses ladder; To other natural resources, also should carry out managing the basic principle that uses with the loop. Can achieve economy at the same time so managing with resource managing dual-purpose.

Circular economy system what go up in the Olympic Games now is corporeal product on the other hand corporeal decreasing is quantified and of litter again resource is changed. All sorts of products that each domain uses the Olympic Games should decrease as far as possible pack, the use that reduces one-time product as far as possible (should repeat what can repeat use article for many times use) , reduce litter as far as possible (rubbish) arise and accumulate. Inevitable generation produces kind of life in great quantities during the Olympic Games kind rubbish, should carry out strict trash, rubbish to classify a system, make all sorts of trash, rubbish comes true as far as possible again resource is changed (like deserted electron product, discard at will will cause serious pollution to the environment such as water system, soil, try to reclaim again resource is changed, can control pollution effectively already, return what can make to get be usinged again) . Olympic Games each are relevant domain, should use in great quantities again the product that resource turns (wait like products of products of second birth paper, second birth wood) , do not answer to go after high quality, high quality scales blindly. Of all sorts of resource after the Olympic Games make full use of, very important also. Should prevent an Olympic Games resource of etc of all sorts of building facilities, equipment is become " one-time " use litter and tear open build, create the enormous waste of resource.
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