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Global resources environment can be used continuously
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Latter-day mankind society, as a result of the mushroom of population, the ceaseless concentration of ceaseless development of production and industry, make the money that gets nature is asked for increasingly, cast subsequently to the litter all round increasing also. Especially from last centuries since 50 time, the population that human place faces jumps, insecurity of food shortage, the sources of energy, resource is destroyed and the problem such as environmental pollution worsens increasingly, cause zoology crisis progressively aggravate, parcel area society is queasy, this forces the mankind to examine this afresh the position in ecosystem, seek the way that live for a long time and develops hard. Be used to can lasting of resources environment even if be put forward below such setting.

Can use the sense that environmental resource develops to the whole world continuously

1985, the the United Nations General Assembly established world environment and development committee, after cloth of Norwegian prime minister Mrs. Lun Telan holds the post of its chairman, it more the committee of the Lun Telan that it is cloth that is weighed widely. Committee did much work inside 2 years, the meeting was held ten times in different city, listened to the opinion of hundreds expert, it is at publishing a problem 1987 " our collective future " report. The title that committee reports is " can develop continuously " , it is by the definition " while contented and contemporary person needs, incorrect offspring satisfies the capability that its need to create the development of the harm. Incorrect offspring satisfies the capability that its need to create the development of the harm..

Can develop continuously those who be aimed at is since western industry revolution, traditional economy is abused to ground of resources environment unbridled, destroy behavior, so once put forward, got green environmental protection is organized support energetically and of country of the great majority on the world approbate. Can say, facing to be polluted the ground 1000 sore the earth of 100 aperture, the economy of rich of a paragraph of mad exhaust grows the history, a future that must experience jointly, can develop to offer to contain for us continuously brand-new the development way that develops view, viewpoint of value. It is however in reality, can develop continuously whether implementation, how should carry out, put in the question with many and unintelligible, difficult move really. If we do not solve the problem in these reality, can develop the level that raises a practice to go up continuously, the idea that can develop continuously so can become peripheral, the change in can resembling A Q eye civilian become euqally " beautiful catchword, empty practice " . Disturb is, put forward to arrive all the time from what can develop continuously now, nearly 20 years are lain between when, the aggravation of environmental resource still is undertaking with beyond recall speed however.
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