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Enterprise society responsibility and can develop continuously
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One, enterprise society responsibility brings new development opportunity for the enterprise

More and more industry practice and numerous research achievement explain adequately, the enterprise bears the relationship that the economic performance of social responsibility and enterprise involves into positive, is not complete the load of can aggravating company that thinks like traditional economics theory, influence its interest, the enterprise is completely OK the competition ability with social responsibility honest translate into. The client that the enterprise fulfills social responsibility to be able to bring tall sale and loyalty to the enterprise group, promote financial outstanding achievement thereby, saying the enterprise performs social duty so is a kind of opportunity to the development of its oneself. Numerous research achievement shows: The enterprise pays attention to social responsibility more, its product and service acquire larger market share more likely, can raise outstanding achievement, this achieved the first pace that the company can grow continuously.

2, the enterprise performs social duty, the market that is helpful for increasing a business develops ability

Construction of enterprise society responsibility is an enterprise originally infuse of manipulative viewpoint of value the content that is not manipulative value, enterprise from great profit light justice the value sense sublimate that Xiang Yili of onefold viewpoint of value develops simultaneously. Beyond question, the industry should survive to want the gain ability that can last. The gain ability that the enterprise can last basically comes from the development ability at the enterprise, and the ultimate power that the market of the enterprise develops ability depends on a person. Below the value sense atmosphere that faces new justice interest to develop simultaneously in the enterprise, the consensus between the person that form business management and laborer, it is the base that industry drive mechanism is able to build and runs. Enterprise society responsibility serves as a kind of incentive mechanism, to business management, it is a new revolution, it is the dynamical source that raises an enterprise to develop ability more.

3, the enterprise performs social duty, be helpful for establishing company image, enhance company competition ability

The enterprise assumes due social responsibility, although can be in short-term have the effect that raises management cost, but be helpful for enterprise oneself undoubtedly of good figure establish, form the intangible assets of the enterprise, form the competitive advantage of the enterprise then, bring finally to the enterprise long-term, potential benefit. Buddhist nun of admire of professor of business school of American haing Buddha (Paine) thinks " building the constituent value system on rational ethical criterion basis one set also is a kind of asset, it can bring a variety of profit. These income statement are the following now 3 respects: Organize concern of effect, market and social class. " responsibility and competition ability supplement each other, mutual influence, symbiosis is concomitant, the industry that does not have social sense of responsibility cannot be competitive. The enterprise is in the process of responsibility of aggrandizement oneself society, can enhance oneself competition ability ceaselessly. In the meantime, in this one process, the enterprise is passed have good culture mechanism and higher innovation level, also can increase capacity of meet an emergency, conduce to the venture that establishs science be on guard mechanism, improve risk level of management. The management figure of the enterprise and fame also get rising ceaselessly. The enterprise is assumed multivariate social responsibility, it is the efficient way that raises labor productivity and economic benefits, it is an enterprise live in market competition and assure of development reliably.
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