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The view that compose paints circular economics is clear with each passing day
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"The thought of circular economy " is the earliest by man of Er of American economist wave (Kenneth E. Boulding) in 20 centuries 60 time put forward. He circulates with " its trash (Recycle Its Wastes)" and abide are circumfluent (Circular-flow) the accrete relation that waits for a term to depict all elements on the world ecosystem that has feature of closed circuit loop and person, although did not use one word of " of " loop economy clearly, but used " central planned economy (Centrally Planned Economy) " . He describes his idea through " of " spacecraft theory, he thinks spacecraft is one isolates without aid, insular only system, its live is to rely on to drain oneself resource ceaselessly, leave litter ceaselessly, to resource final and extinct and when the rubbish inside cabin forms a pile, airship also will be destroyed; And the earth is a tremendous spacecraft undoubtedly. Accordingly, the only method that should prolong earthly life realizes the resource inside airship cabin to circulate namely. Boerding made the contribution that initiates a gender, though very fail regrettablly farther thorough and form economic doctrine, but the earliest advocate of concept of economy of loop be consideringed as by our country scholar.

Hold water at the scientist club of Italian Rome---"Roman club " is at publishing a problem 1972 " the limit of growth " research report, far-reaching, its the 3rd chapter keeps resource loop problem technically.

British environment economist defends · Pierce and graph Nai greatly (Pearce, d.W. &Turner, r.K) used circular economy for the first time 1990 (one word of Circular Economy) . Of write in collaboration with of these two scholars " rich and environmental economics " the caption of the 2nd chapter of one book is " loop economy (The Circular Economy) " . They try the basis can develop a principle to establish resource government regulation continuously, build corporeal flow model. Pierce offerred two regulation of rich management: It is but the exploitation rate of renewable resources is not old rate of Yu Jike second birth; 2 it is the absorb ability that the trash in discharging an environment sheds to should be less than or be equal to an environment. Put the characteristic of the quantity in the light of resource, two scholars still put forward: But exhaust resource decreases ought to by but the addition of renewable resources will compensate (but durative) ; Achieved certain standard of living, be about to decrease but exhaust resource may renewable resources puts an amount (improve efficiency) . They think to be similar to industrial metabolization, circular economy model is comprised by natural loop and industrial circulation, these two kinds of loops provide raw material for reproduction.

From go up century 90 time in the future, circular economy and intellectual economy are become worldwide inside the two big subjects that social progress studies, and it is to gift more to the research of intellectual economy the content of industrialization of circular economy high-tech and study society. After "Circular Economy" of afterwards English term, western scholar is created in succession again gave the term in an attempt to such as "Recycling Economy" , "Circling Economy" , "Circulate Economy" and "Recycle Economy" more accurate expression and the connotation that limit circular economy and definition.
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