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Urban progress is used from the cleanness that does not open the sources of ener
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Sponsor by Fudan University " Shanghai forum 2007 " hold in Fudan University at coming 27 days on May 25, 2007. This forum invites world each country distinguished scholar, high official and business circles elite 300 people attend the meeting. Sina finance and economics is exclusive video living broadcast this second conference. Lead group office vice director for Chinese nation energy resources below Xu ingot bright speech memoir.

Xu ingot bright: Ladies, gentlemen good morning, fudan University of special acknowledgment Shanghai gave me this chance attend Shanghai forum. A few gentlemen discussed the issue of a few respects in front, knowledge of urban problem, population problem, finance problem, sagacious is inscribed, I want to matter with the sources of energy. If the mankind cannot use internal heat, we cannot sit to enjoy such culture here today, the sources of energy cannot leave from beginning to end to future at the beginning from the mankind. I think city, finance, philosophy is to pass the mankind to develop certain level ability some, do not know a few experts are held with. Because time concerns, I prepared 240 pieces of PPT, cannot tell. According to the president's requirement my cutout was decreased, reveal.

I am vice director of office of group of leader of national energy resources, group leader of group of leader of national energy resources is Premier Wen Jiabao, assistant group leader is Huang Ju, ever accompanied phlogistic Vice Prime Minister, the sources of energy manages leader group director is change by national hair appoint director Mr Ma Kai is held part-time, have 3 vice directors.

The future of the thematic China the sources of energy that I tell today, clean, efficient, multivariate and continuously. Some I can be revealed only, this is the history that since new China of industry of our country power is built, develops. The first power plant of Chinese is built in Shanghai poplar riverside, when was being liberated 1949, complete China people uses phone on average 7.8 degrees, 1.85 million kilowatt. 78 years the whole nation installs reforming and opening machine 5 million 1000 dig, grew -2076984320 tile to now. Liberate consumption of earlier China whole energy to be equivalent to coal of 30 million tons of mark, achieved coal of 2.1 billion tons of mark last year. This is to send change appoint the 915 the sources of energy that announced April 10 develop a program, energy problem is the common problem of complete mankind, review human society to develop the history, human civilization every time is great progress accompanies those who follow a the sources of energy to improve with replace, this is without doubt, no matter be times of oil of times of lumber times coal,be such.

World each country did not come in research the sources of energy, this is the future that the expert of German friend organization that people times reported December 3 is debating the sources of energy, this is British friend also is studying energy future, this is a book that American friend writes cries " desert dusk " , hua Dong Normal University is published, issued in China this year in January, also studying world petrolic did not come, especially the oil of the Saudi Arabia. Expert of anyhow world each country is studying prospective the sources of energy, reveal the situation that each country studies. I hold with this caption, whole world the sources of energy is facing the situation that can develop continuously, energy development of future must take the way that can develop continuously.
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