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Energy-saving the only way that decreasing a platoon is business development
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Since Industrial Revolution, the rapid development of global economy is cost in order to waste a large number of the sources of energy, among them what the biggest cost created zoology environment namely is increasingly exasperate. Concerned research makes clear, 50 years of whole worlds are average in the past the reason that air temperature rises, the greenhouse gas that the sources of energy such as use oil of 90% above and mankind produces increases about, caused a series of zoology crises from this. So managing energy natural resources, protect zoology environment, economic health develops, already became human consensus.

Dalian summer amounts to one of topic for discussions of key of Wo Si forum, it is global energy problem, incorporate investment, technology innovation, raise energy efficiency to wait. According to arrange of international the sources of energy forecast, to 2030, the new investment that needs 20 trillion dollar just can satisfy requirement of world energy resources, and these new investment will flow into a developing country mediumly for the most part, 18% what will hold total investment to Chinese investment among them.

Energy-saving decrease a platoon, this is global problem, also be the difficult problem that Chinese enterprise must defeat solution. Specific say, should implement national development and 8 measure that reform committee to put forward in the round seriously. These 8 measure are: 1, increase structural adjustment strength, in energy project admittance, wash out high-energy source to use up the respect such as the enterprise guard a pass strictly, increase service line of business and hi-tech property at the same time the proportion in national economy. 2, drive technical progress, the organization carries out a batch energy-saving fall bad news and pollution decrease development of general character of seniority course of study, crucial technology and industrialization to set an example project, a batch of energy-saving latent capacity choose in key industry the great skill with wide range of big, application, increase promotion strength. Accelerate breed energy-saving technology to serve a system, carry out contract the sources of energy to manage, promote development of energy-saving service industrialization to wait. 3, strengthen energy-saving fall bad news management, supervise and urge each district makes level sex energy-saving target, come on stage " energy-saving target responsibility and assessment assessment implement plan " , build " the target is specific, responsibility clarity, measure reachs the designated position, one class seizes one form, one class assesses one degree " energy-saving target responsibility and assessment assessment system. 4, advance circular economy progress, carry out clean production in the round. 5, aggrandizement pollutes prevention and cure, continue to increase industry of key catchment, key and pollution of rural face source to administer strength to wait. 6, perfect code and standard, cooperate countrywide National People's Congress to clutch come on stage " managing energy law " (edit) and " circular economy standard " , clutch make (long) order code of form a complete set to wait. 7, policy of perfect form a complete set, build a nation energy-saving and special fund. Widen financing channel, loan of government of stimulative home and capital of international finance orgnaization, foreign country tilts to the energy-saving domain that decrease a platoon. 8, aggrandizement is energy-saving conduct propaganda.
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