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Head steel uses solid to abandon have environmental protection cause after all
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A few days ago, head the department of facilities of environmental protection estate that steel establishs, accelerating solid to abandon the technical research that uses integratedly and industrialization to run at the same time, successful development gives a series of new technology that own own intellectual property, new technology.

As we have learned, slag is the solid waste material that generation wants necessarily in steelmaking process, its produce a quantity to occupy the 10%% of all steel output about. Go up century 60 time, head steel unites slag dump to be near Lu channel bridge, because be accumulated for long, pile up gradually hill. Try hard through 3 years, head slag of accept of disappear of steel accumulative total 2.56 million tons, finish cover curb this world 17020 square metre, sclerotic 9144 square metre, afforest 12000 square metre.

Metallurgy enterprise can produce many organic solid litter in coking plant process, wait like mud of tar broken bits, acerbity tar, biochemistry, head steel cooking factory produces a quantity every year to be 4000 tons about. Oil residue of its the part of the body cavity between the diaphragm and the umbilicus housing the spleen and acerbity tar are included dangerous trash directory, but its composition is mostly but the organic thing that second birth uses. If fail to get reasonable development is used,these organic solid waste resource, take up not only a large number of land, cause environmental pollution, and the great waste that also is resource. In October 2005, head the success develops steel to use cooking organic solid is useless machine production as binder and weak felt coal " organic solid abandons cooking model coal " new technology, built produce per year 50 thousand tons of cooking organic solid is useless model coal product line, pass own innovation, fill our country the research that in cooking organic solid abandons processing field is blank, make a steel become country current and exclusive the enterprise that trash of a cooking discharges nothing more than.

Come nearly two years, head steel is dedicated the research and development that uses a project integratedly at resource of environmental protection industry, design, seek advice, production, manage wait for an activity, grind in succession gave out OG mud agent of slagging of converter of production of cold solid knot, use microtherm distill craft to handle steel rolling greasy filth to wait for the environmental protection technology that has own intellectual property and high-tech content, got a society approbate.

Agent of slagging of converter of production of knot of OG mud cold solid is to solve " OG " of mud use integratedly, the form of OG mud Leng Gu that uses a steel to oneself the technology is developed manufactures technology of converter slagging agent, its product cold solid writtens guarantee ball group can replace entrance ore, regard steel-making as cooling slagging agent. Already formed at present produce per year 150 thousand tons of dimensions, came true " OG " mud reclaims entirely treatment, effect a radical cure dust dirt catchs environmental problem effectively, reduced steel-making cost at the same time, raised business economic benefits.
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