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Short-term prop up still be in cupreous city the near future still relatively ho
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Cupreous price goes since the Spring Festival force is powerful, china of main profit from exceeds anticipated consumption to anabiosis, what the fall after a rise of inventory and investor grow to supplying is anxious; Prop up here below, human relations copper is current the perch of on newer station 8000 dollars. From look at present, although hind city rises to still need more message to come continuously farther aggrandizement market anticipates, but as a result of trend of current excess supply have not Anacreontic, plus China consumption anabiosises strong, in short-term prop up the circumstance that still exists to fall, cupreous price near future still relatively hopeful.

Excess supply trend not bright

Last week of world Bureau of Metal Statistics newest forecast think, market of copper of essence of 1-2 month whole world appeared 2007 115 thousand tons superfluous. Really, the respect such as the stock change from the corresponding period also can this judges test and verify, inventory of 3 big exchange increased the corresponding period many tons 70000. Really, from the point of the circumstance of spot market expression and commerce premium, did not appear very tight situation, plus the stock of much energy copper that Chile accumulated since October last year, below the suppress of these elements, the power that rises in price it seems that is insufficient.

However, what the level sex wave motion of the price can break away from main area sometimes is diversionary, balance of current supply and demand is very fragile still. 1, Feburary superfluous, do not represent March superfluous, be in especially at present inventory level still below very low circumstance, supply and demand is broken very easily evenly. The rate that shares the market considering fund again is very high, the motivation with fluctuant price and energy magnify very easily, bring about the price to appear below the balance with weak supply and demand thereby gigantic a concussion. Accordingly, did not rise considerably in inventory, or superfluous trend returns supply and demand is not very remarkable when, do not have necessary and beyond the mark pessimism to the view of the price.

Chinese consumption anabiosises strong

By 2006 since, what Chinese essence copper consumes is driving anabiosis not allow to deny, the corresponding period is accompanying rising entrance. Look from data, the apparent consumption of Chinese essence copper is startling, apparent spending increased compared to the same period first quarter 2007 amount to 40% , opposite hereat before hopeful 20% what predict, this is occupied is his almost double.

Can see from subordinate list, the supply and demand of Chinese copper market is balanced basically first quarter this year, superfluous not serious, business of this and bourse inventory, production and the stock change that consume business agree basically. Additional, of spot market go situation also basically test and verify this one judgment, although Chinese entrance achieves the history new tall, spot market did not appear continuously considerably agio.
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