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Cupreous price can be denied achieve the history new tall 8200 into important ju
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Recently, period price approachs human relations copper to nod 8790 dollars high 2006 once more. But good times don't last long, all fronts of price of the metal inside week Shikoku issues defeat considerably. Because the market fears CPI index is exorbitant, the panicky mood of investor makes the price fluctuant for a short while enlarge.
The author thinks, the adjusting control of macroscopical policy the influence to cupreous market supply and demand will be one therein long-term course, in short supply situation still meets sex of level of domestic metal market first half of the year existence, cupreous price still has 2 quarters to take high potential further.
What at present the market just cares most each is, valence can deny copper to achieve the history again new tall. The author thinks, if main area gives cupreous price to be propped up formidably, and overseas capital gain weichis enter climax phase again, once cupreous price can form significant breakthrough to 8200 dollars, innovation high capacity is had inside year.
Epicycle copper price rebounds strong prices or by " Chinese element " place dominant. Copper and volume of cupreous material import achieved our country in March record, arrive at 307 thousand tons, grow more than 60% compared to the same period; The copper that the entrance did not forging in March (include copper alloy) it is 219 thousand tons, 1-3 month accumulative total imports a quantity to grow 122.8% to achieve 541 thousand tons compared to the same period.
The increase sharply that imports an amount makes abroad the investor that does sky period copper revises original investment strategy ceaselessly. Ba Kelai capital moves 2007 year to be opposite on recently of metallic price forecast, state normally annual the 2nd quarter is the main level that nonferrous metal consumption regains, the price still has the space that rises further. Nonferrous metal value is total interrupt to supplying very sensitive, the metallic stock of bourse is very at present small, and manufacturing business, consumption business and trafficker also did not have redundant resource.
Global Bureau of Metal Statistics (this data that Zhou San publishs shows WBMS) , the whole world excess supply of market of copper of before this year two months 115 thousand tons, 2006 annual excess supply 370 thousand tons. This orgnaization says output of copper of essence of life was 1.482 million tons in Feburary, under 1.498 million tons of January, consumption was 1.42 million tons in Feburary, was 1.492 million tons in January. China still is consumptive big country, 1-2 month consumed 776 thousand tons, prep above get on 555 thousand tons of year of the corresponding period.
Superfluous and mere be minim, and if variable general fluctuates to the price,supply a side bring bigger uncertainty. State-owned copper company said Chile recently, qiuji of the 2nd large area blocks refinery of cathode copper of equestrian tower copper mine to encounter a few risks and difficulty, still produce normally nevertheless, the company is being handled at present condition, the expert is working hard make crop reachs the output level that predicts formerly. Additionally American Freeport-McMoRan is in Zhou San of Indonesian Grasberg copper mine suspended exploitation activity, because the collier participates in demonstrate protest. This mine produces per year about 500 thousand tons of copper, once production is affected, the market can make response very quickly. The supply with potential international market is interrupted will be helpful for cupreous price staying in historical perch.
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