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Dodder along enters copper the city after trough is sent look " Chinese demand "
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Be opposite last week is black a week for cupreous city of China, inside brief a week, domestic and international basic metal drops in succession, copper experienced copper of LME human relations and Shanghai 3 times to steep fall, shanghai copper traded in a few days to experience 3 to drop in 4 stop board. 5 human relations copper steep fall last week 265 beauty are round, explore of lowest of price of 3 months copper reachs 7115 beauty round, suffer effect of human relations copper, shanghai copper 706 open quotation drop namely 2500 yuan, minimum price is close to 60000 a gleam of, drop to afternoon situation expand, steep fall 3180 yuan. From this, human relations copper and Shanghai copper drop last week expand to 580 beautiful circles to mix 7640 yuan respectively. Suffer prices effect, useless copper already dropped defeat 59000 yuan / ton, drop to 58000 a gleam of. Domestic each district abandons copper to trade to all be immersed in backwater, everybody with wait-and-see give priority to. Suffer cupreous be a burden on, other useless metal trades to also be immersed in low fan.

Analytic personage thinks price of this round of copper steeps fall more than the reason that results from many sided:
It isShanghai stock soars. The inventory report that period place publishs on shows, in the past two weeks, cupreous inventory increases 17449 tons before 67820 tons considerably by the section, achieved 85269 tons, relatively the stock measure March had turned over Shanghai one time, relatively the scope that two weeks of levels before increase also achieved 25 % left and right sides, this is hit greatly controlled market person energy of life. Import cupreous amount and was not digested what also explain China increased since first quarter in the past by market place.

   2 it is the entrance that abandon copper innovation is tall. Chinese flotsam copper imported the history that achieved six hundred and eight thousand seven hundred tons to be nodded high in April, what five hundred and fifty-four thousand four hundred tons when achieved in November 2006 are in before prep above greatly is bit taller. The import data of Chinese useless copper also becomes another interest empty factor.
   3 it is rate of drawback of exit of material of Chinese attune low copper. Although export volume does not consider Chinese copper material large, but exit drawback rate is reduced will naturally cause psychology to hit to the market pressure, the person that early days gains profit is cast centrally dish bring about cupreous price to steep fall necessarily.

   4 it is China increases saving interest rate again. Orgnaization of Chinese general finance a year period deposit moves 0.27 percent on standard interest rate, rise by 2.79 % to 3.06 % , also make here press press of market person energy of life.

   5 it is the market anticipates Chinese demand will be fatigued and weak.
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