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Analysis of stainless steel market was forecasted May
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Walked into the last ten-day of a month in April, about May of steelworks factory price make also had discussed on record to go up. In light of the state of produce and sale according to current home stainless steel, rise as a result of what the stainless steel such as nickel metal produces raw material price, stainless steel produces cost to increase, cause steelworks 2-3 month to be in the management condition of negative gain. May steelworks factory price rise, it is the general point of view inside course of study, what cannot decide is the extent problem that rise only. Occupy the latest news that knows at present, steelworks factory price will rise to been able to have confirmed May, among them value of 300 series product rise 2500 yuan / ton, although had be notted knock formally at present,decide, but range of fluctuation wave motion won't be too big.

From the point of condition of current operation of stainless steel market, the price tends stable, and somewhat the situation of be issued to lower levels. But advantages and disadvantages of market of integrated consideration stainless steel element, the city after stainless steel still exists to rise certainly space, especially of the period of time before nickel price is passed after steeping fall, rebound, return 48000 dollars again / ton factory price of next month of exalted, steelworks will leave considerably go up, be sure to bring greater pressure to agency. Agency does not wish to sustain losses in business manage, be sure to make stainless steel price strong go strong even. Additional, steelworks also is to drive stainless steel price strong the another advantage that goes strong even because. The truth is very simple, if stainless steel price drops, suffer an effect the biggest still is steelworks, to maintain self interest, steelworks nature can be passed a series of the market price case that production and sale strategy will come to stabilize stainless steel, if reduce yield, reduce the market to put in a quantity to wait, it is the operation measure that can consider.

But bullish and current prices, do not be equal to the city after valueing. Although, price of stainless steel of influence of land of OK and certain level goes the sale strategy of steelworks and agency situation, but decide stainless steel prices finally remain the market, the change of stainless steel prices, it is production, sale, consumption 3 respects are collective the result of action. Especially at the moment, suffer nickel price effect, stainless steel price rises through the abidance of nearly 1 year of time, had been in a higher position, terminal consumes an user to whether bear to have current price, it is one of the mainest factors that affect stainless steel prices.

As we have learned, the higher-priced of stainless steel brings greater cost pressure to downstream terminal user, many stainless steel users are searching the substitute of stainless steel actively. Current, already user of a few stainless steel begins to use substitute, this is sure to bring about stainless steel to consume the market to be faced with shrink downstream. Additional, the analysis says, nickel price is after the insanity that lasts one year, probable meeting is in this year second half of the year or more return to reason later on. Nickel price goes soft, will affect stainless steel market level directly.
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