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Market of strip steel of near future home has his moment the price go up steadil
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Since recently, market of domestic strip steel changes the moving position with fatigued and weak early days, present hasten warm state, the price go up steadily raise, the businessman is valued generally to later period market, think to be in 5, June, market of whole strip steel will still up-and-up, the price won't fluctuate considerably.

Introduce according to trafficker of a few rolled steel, demand of market of strip steel of this paragraph of time relatively early days grow in quantity, trade relatively active, the resource of some breed norms slants close, a few trafficker even " dish " , " cherish makes work " , to market price case rise have effect of add fuel to the fire. In the past April, value of market of domestic strip steel is general hasten goes up, if be in Shanghai area, price of strip steel of hot-rolling of 2.75mm × 275mm rises than last month 140-150 yuan / ton; The market sale price of strip steel of hot-rolling of 680mm of × of 5.5mm × 520mm, 5.5mm all also rose than last month 80-100 yuan / ton; Rise in price in the hot-rolling strip steel of the same norms of market of Tianjin, Guangzhou it is 120-180 generally yuan / ton, highest achieve 250 yuan / ton.

Enter May, market of domestic strip steel still keeps stable to fine moving structure, the personage inside course of study thinks at present get warm again after a cold spell of market of whole strip steel, price picks up, basically be to have factor of a few respects:

It is market demand is released, rise in price to strip steel market form the motive force that prop up. Enter after April, demand of market of domestic whole steel products increases apparently, the price rises in the round, the market such as building steel products, profiled bar, steel tube warms up quickly, the price all the way raise. Solder especially get warm again after a cold spell of steel tube market, the yield of a few steelworks can be released, increase to strip steel demand. According to statistic, 1-3 month, of home solder steel tube crop four million four hundred and seventy-seven thousand seven hundred tons, than last year the corresponding period grows 6.40% . In addition, the property such as fastener of hardware, decorate, metal, agriculture machinery is right grow in quantity of strip steel demand, nowadays year first quarter. Metallic fastener output grows 32.16% compared to the same period. Results machinery grows 45.30% , strip steel wastage grows apparently. Still have the growth of crop of cold rolling strip steel, make the demand of hot-rolling strip steel also presents the state that rises quickly. Nowadays year 1-3 month, output of steel of steel of cold rolling thin broadband, cold rolling tape grows compared to the same period respectively 50.50% with 34.205. Of market demand release, drive value of market of hot-rolling strip steel go up steadily raise.

2 be price of upriver raw material rise, produce what cost drives strip steel producer price to go up tone, become look forward to of value of the market that prop up to take high power firmly. Come more for long, domestic billet market is in all the time warm up, price house does not fall high. Current, the price of general carbon square base of Tang Shan area is maintained in 3160-3200 yuan / ton, square base price is 3200-3240 yuan / ton, price of 20MnSi square base maintains in 3240-3260 yuan / ton, and resource is relatively in short supply. From this cost of strip steel production rises continuously, add other raw material and charge of electricity, freight to wait rise, the manufacturing cost pressure of steelworks increases, go up in succession v factory price. If some steelworks decided to price of tone tape steel goes up since May 2 a few days ago, the amplitude modulation on norms producer price is 50 yuan under 204mm / ton, the executive price of the strip steel after be being moved on is 3430 yuan / ton. Some steelworks rise from May 3, 2.5mm × (50 yuan are moved on producer price of strip steel of series of 216mm-290mm) × C / ton, it is 3510 yuan / ton; 2.5mm × (50 yuan are moved on producer price of strip steel of series of 291mm-355mm) × C / ton, it is 3530 yuan / ton; 2.5mm × (50 yuan are moved on strip steel of series of 356mm-420mm) × C / ton, it is 3560 yuan / ton. Of steelworks producer price go up tone, make market price case go up raise.
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