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Human relations copper goes up greatly short-term Shanghai copper will still ine
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Copper of London of of the previous night last week 4 trade twice one after another with Zhou Wu day closes at epicycle to rise 0.382 minutes of prices over hind, of the previous night reemerges to rebound strong prices, on closing quotation station 5 days all line, but clinch a deal from odd-numbered days and hold a storehouse to look, be in shrink the quantity decreases a storehouse to go up posture, because gold of field foreign capital enters a be caused by actively,not was. So, although rebounding demand was had on technical area, but rebounding height looks to still should not be at present too too hopeful.

Notable is, domestic Shanghai copper appeared yesterday rare to the limit of one's capacity goes up greatly phenomenon, although Shanghai copper index is final,still close with decreasing a storehouse to declare, but heavier trade the low that the quantity still conduces to ascertain phase sex. And this round drop, home drops be more than abroad, the extent that rebounds accordingly also will relatively human relations copper is big. At present agreement of Shanghai copper brunt already change storehouse ends, hind the tendercy maintaining a warehouse that city can pay close attention to 708 agreement closely.