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Outside dish go up once more raise, shanghai copper chases after tall appropriat
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London metal bourse (week of LME) period copper touchs since May 16 apogee, the analyst says, inventory decreases increasingly, and Mexico fears will producing the strike, the price that it is copper is offerred prop up. LME3 lunar period copper closes at 7625 dollars, relatively price of 5 closing quotation rises last week 175 dollars, go up that day achieve 1.1% . From at present human relations copper goes in light of situation, short-term inside the low line of business of 7000 dollars is main already ascertain, the abidance of inventory drops and strike problem raises fund once more make much upsurge. Predict home has now to high kinetic energy, but in view of home this breaks time merchandise on hand to appear certain sluggish goes up phenomenon, chasing after go up to go up with how appropriate discretion is engaged in.