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Cupreous price is short-term rise be faced with greater pressure metaphase to ri
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Copper deduces the prices of strong fast fall after a rise last week, zhou Er of brunt breed CU0708, Zhou San suffers the effect that LME period price rises, appear continuously strong high prices, pass through phenomenon of surface of cupreous supply and demand, the author thinks, short-term inside copper rises in price to still face very great pressure.

Main reason depends on short-term inside cupreous consumption did not increase apparently. Although stocks of before a few weeks of LME falls somewhat, but while LME stock falls, domestic copper stocks rises ceaselessly however. Stock of human relations copper falls from the 215 thousand tons level when the beginning of the year is top in May 142 thousand tons of the middle ten days of a month, and the inventory of Shanghai copper criterion by the lowest when the beginning of the year when increase 85 thousand tons 23 thousand tons, inventory of 3 big exchange only from highest when reduce 256 thousand tons 283 thousand tons, change of inventory level whole is not big. According to newest statistic, on Shanghai field, the cupreous stock that includes Shanghai period to reach place inside is 110000 tons about, and the storehouse that keep tax has additional stock 60000 tons. Be worth what carry is: Inventory of copper of the home inside the near future also appears reductive impetus, investigate its reason, because Chinese copper turns,basically be exit be caused by. Company of an international trade says: Our client hopes to turn the entrance copper that sells them, 6 weeks in future inside, probably 10000-20000 ton the Korea storehouse that copper will flow to LME. This explains global copper consumption was not started, the pressure of merchandise on hand inside the near future still bigger.

In addition, to prevent phenomenon of occurrence overheat of economy, stock market, the main country such as Euramerican day raises interest rate in succession, this can restrain economy to increase rate undoubtedly, be understood to be empty to cupreous benefit signal by the market.

In addition, this year Chinese smelt output grows smoothly first quarter, but as March, of much April raw material arrive (include to abandon) of concentrate of copper, copper, because raw material was supplied April enougher, the rate of integral start working of smeltery has risen apparently. The yield of domestic smeltery appeared to erupt April the situation that type rises, monthly crop achieved 270 thousand tons. Raw material was supplied May still compare enough, accordingly May domestic crop will still tall look forward to. Supply as a result of the copper inside the near future enough, copper of Shanghai merchandise on hand relatively Shanghai copper in June agreement agio 350-650 yuan, farther test and verify copper supplies enough, demand not the market structure of free.

At present level, the direct element that causes copper to rise in price likely is the strike of worker of Mexican copper mine. The author thinks, a Mexican copper mine supply an influence to global copper not quite, second although go on strike, supply to copper also can produce brief effect only, won't long-term to generation of supply and demand, the influence of materiality, so the pattern of supply exceeds demand of merchandise on hand of the copper inside the near future won't have big change.
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