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Rolled steel fall after a rise abandons steel what course to follow
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Suffer the effect of fall after a rise of rolled steel market, near future Hua Dong the phenomenon that market of useless steel of a few areas appeared to glide small. Continue as value of rolled steel market next explore, individual steelworks is reduced purchase the value, agency psychology all the more is panicky, to hind city also is full of doubt, if rolled steel continues be issued to lower levels, whether can useless steel also continue more drop, hind city what course to follow?

Show price of charging of Jiangsu area essence to be 2700 yuan / ton, heavy useless price is in 2600-2700 yuan / ton. Shandong area abandons the price to be in again 2550-2600 yuan / or so tons. Guangdong area abandons the price to be in again 2500-2600 yuan / ton. Useless price is in 2450 yuan in Fujian area / or so tons. Jiangxi area abandons the price to be in again 2250-2400 yuan / ton. Useless price is in in Hunan area 2500-2600 yuan / ton. Hubei area abandons the price to be in again 2500-2550 yuan / ton. Henan area abandons the price to be in again 2600-2700 yuan / ton. Heibei area abandons the price to be in again 2500-2600 yuan / ton. Price of Heilongjiang area accept is in 2350-2450 yuan / ton. Southwest abandons the price to be in again 2200-2330 yuan / ton. Northwest area abandons the price to be in again 2200-2300 yuan / ton. Price of makings of interconnected system of region of A Lashan mouth is in 2000 yuan / or so tons.

The situation of insecurity of sex of resource of useless steel whole has been formed at present, produce as our country crude steel can constant growth, steelworks abandons steel to inventory is laid in and be not worth, and can allocate the cast iron resource that use with useless steel extraordinary also tension, and the price is very high, accordingly, useless steel resource will gain the favour of steelworks further. 9-10 month our country is in steely industry to produce consumptive busy season, demand of whole raw material is met as growth, the useless steel market that this will give itself to be in resource insecurity brings another benefit nice element. So although fall after a rise of market of near future rolled steel is right useless steel produced certain effect, steelworks also can be reduced below the circumstance with enough stock purchase the value, but this is early days is pulled only had gone up the callback with vigorous normal market. The steelworks with insufficient inventory purchases the value or go out to go up posture. Accordingly, below the circumstance that estimation won't appear to drop considerably in market of short-term rolled steel, useless steel also is met with dish the travel that make use is given priority to.