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Domestic stock is used up will strong price of the copper that prop up
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Copper of near future human relations enters shake, in 6960 dollars / ton after sole rebounds, did not rise steadily. It is however inside 7200 interval limits wide cut concussion. Current locally, cupreous market returned the focus when this prices is initiative once more---Chinese consumption. The course is successive 4 months considerably after the entrance of increase sharply, the expression of Chinese spot market appears to occupy the case that can explain China is consumed more than pure number of feed inlet.

Carry a large number of survey of copper of pair of essence of life and useless copper market, the author's amazed discovery, at present of Chinese spot market buy dish of circumstance and the ground is very similar in Feburary, whether this means Xin Yibo prices start? We observe first from the following respects at present Chinese spot market.

Off-season not weak, order of wire cable company is busy

Arrived in June, those who enter Chinese tradition is seasonal off-season. But understand the survey of wire cable company according to the author, 2007 first half of the year, the order condition of the enterprise is more sufficient from beginning to end. Since May, order a bit did not decrease, came from overseas order for goods to had been discharged especially July.

These wire cable companies are global it is to be in 51 long-term before stock up, domestic spot price followed tall look forward to of human relations copper May, a month did not purchase the company almost merchandise on hand, what inventory has used up now is about the same, desire of library of near future equipment is strong.

Additional, home spot price is in copper of essence of life only now 63000 yuan / or so tons, although missed the bottom of early days 60000 yuan / ton, but when the company is willing to be stabilized in the price more, purchase, is not buy when dropping considerably. Look forward to of near future price is accordingly firm, maintain in low, stimulated an enterprise to buy dish enter.

Spot market clinchs a deal had turned

From last week 5 begin, say according to business of merchandise on hand spot market begins a large number of buying to appear dish. This week is bought dish enter continuously, merchandise on hand clinchs a deal relatively early days is more flourishing, agio narrows considerably, zhou Yi appears even 100 yuan premium, of agio rise those who reflected the demand on spot market time dim.

Of before be being passed as a result of trafficker additionally a few months import considerably, besides one part transit the sale arrives outside Korea, in the hand still keep long in stock one share stock. Price of early days copper falls urgently, spot market tall agio, sell the home to not be willing to sell goods almost. Do not buy the home, before carry out of cherish selling the home is caused paragraph time shows the market very delicate. Look forward to of copper of near future merchandise on hand is firm, premium rises, sell the home to begin to sell goods actively.
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