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Industry of papermaking of the fourth quarter moves a trend to look into
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Trend of raw material price: Perch is maintained inside year. Go from oar price situation look, price of European wood pulp was in September after innovation is tall in August, somewhat fall after a rise, value of market of Europe of broad leaf oar is 519.48 euro / ton, value of market of Europe of needle leaf oar is 587.45 euro / ton, but be in perch as before. The United States abandons 8 to be in litre of sign shows again after fall after a rise of the 2nd quarter this year, current quoted price already exceeded 190 dollars / ton. Anticipate the international wood pulp inside year and waste paper price will maintain perch, because domestic company is short of an oar and count an import, will face greater cost pressure as before.

Product value trend: Main paper is planted show litre of sign. Investment of industry fixed assets was added 2006 fast drop, adumbrative the industry was produced 2007 can release pressure slow down. Industry whole is produced can release pressure slow down, competitive hasten delay, domestic main paper is planted the price shows litre of sign, supply and demand of market of indication part product is improved, cost be able to marry again. Newspaper continues since this year pick up posture, already rose at present reach 4700 yuan / ton, price stability of Bai Ka is in 7000 yuan / ton right-and-left perch, art paper is opened as a result of middle east and European market, the price already was answered in September reach 7300 yuan / ton above, board paper is successive a few months wanders in 3000 yuan / ton, predict to be able to enter market price case as new increase production inside course of study likelihood fall after a rise.

Raw material bottleneck still remarkable, forest paper an organic whole is development direction. Our country shorts as a result of fiber resource, papermaking raw material external depend on sb or sth for existence is spent bigger, pulp entrance still maintains growth since this year, raw material bottleneck restricts papermaking business development. The country is encouraged begin forest paper an organic whole, be in " " of project of unifinication of countrywide forest paper 15 " and special 2010 program " in clear, "During 915 " , increase the productivity that make a starch newly 5.55 million tons, papermaking productivity 5.6 million tons, papermaking forest base 3 million hectare.

At the appointed time wood pulp new increase production measures 3.7 million tons, proportion of homebred wood pulp is achieved 15% ; Base can produce timber 25 million stere, implementation papermaking is industrial material basically relies on papermaking forest base to supply. Papermaking enterprise is built through casting forest project of paper an organic whole, compose builds upriver resource, make whole industry catenary promote competition actual strength, eliminate raw material weak point board will be development direction.

Environmental protection punish, energy-saving the profit that decrease a platoon grows at industry bibcock enterprise. The State Council " energy-saving reduce an omnibus work program " , raised the detailed target that backward productivity eliminates during 915 " of our country " clearly first, it is to the target of papermaking industry among them: Accumulate 10 thousand tons of the following straw pulp produce  Ling?.4 device, produce per year 17 thousand tons of the following chemistry to make the oar product line, paper mill that discharges what do not amount to mark to produce per year 10 thousand tons to be raw material with waste paper below. "The target during 915 " is 6.5 million tons, the target 2007 is 2.3 million tons. Papermaking industry falls into disuse to lag behind during the country makes clear 915 " of " produce can detailed target, can last what this action is helpful for papermaking course of study not only development, what will push a trade at the same time is integrated, make the industry is spent centrally rise. Backward produce can fall into disuse to still will improve trade supply and demand to reach on certain level alleviate resource is nervous, be helpful for having the development of the industry bibcock enterprise of dimensions advantage.
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